Christmas Contest Finale Voting

Over the weekend I had five friends over for a few beers, nachos and gaming. In exchange for my hospitality, I had them pick their favorite ten auctions from the Christmas Contest Finale.

Here are their choices:

Voting ends in one week.

1. Night Into Dreams Promo Pack With Pillowcase
Submitted by Cannibal-69

nights into dreams promo pack

2. Farting Yoshi Necklace
Submitted by Limbofunk

farting yoshi necklace

3. Satan’s Famicom
Submitted by Mr. Collection

stans famicom

4. Zelda Ocarina Of Time Archery Set
Submitted by dutchnesgamer


5. The Best Jacket Of All Time
Submitted by MPDII
Note: I actually regret not buying this.

RARE Nintendo Sega XL Jacket 15X12 Embroidered Patch

6. Britney Spears PS2 Press Copy
Submitted by levon2807

britney spears playstation 2 rare press copy

7. Sealed Nintendo Radio Boy
Submitted by 3rdman

nintendo game boy radio boy

8. 10K Gold Nintendo Lapel Pin
Submitted by MPDII

nintendo 10k gold lapel pin
9. 1968 Nintendo Hip Flip
Submitted By sneakyduck

nintendo hipflip

10. XBOX Power Cable
Submitted by Matthijs

xbox power cable



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