Nintendo N&B Blocks

This is one of those random things I forget about until somone brings it up.

N&B Blocks are toys that Nintendo created during the 60s to compete against LEGO. Several different sets were released and they actually became very popular. Nintendo aired advertisements comparing LEGO bricks to N&B Blocks that showcased how attractive their circular pieces were when compared to the blocky LEGO bricks. LEGO was not impressed and counterattacked with a lawsuit that Nintendo ultimately won.

Sadly the pieces often didn’t fit together properly and Nintendo eventually discontinued the brand.

Fun fact: The GB game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins featured an entire stage made out of N&B Blocks.

Nintendo N&B Block Jet Plane
Nintendo N&B Block Reception Set
Nintendo N&B Block Zoo 1970


Nintendo Electronic Love Tester – Reproduction made by Tenyo in 2010.
Nintendo 1970 Cotton Candy Machine – Bowl where the sugar is cooked has two cracks in it. Sadness.
Sealed Infamous 2 Press Kit – PAL.


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