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Odds are you’re familiar with RetroUSB / Retro Zone. They’ve been plugging away over the past couple of years, trying to bring hardcore homebrew goodies to NES collectors. They’ve definitely succeeded. Right now they’ve got eleven games up for grabs including the all new 8 Bit XMAS 2008. Featuring a peaceful snow scene, four different holiday tunes with authentic 8 bit sound, and tons of colorful blinky lights that surround the edge of the cart! Plus you can customize the cart with a personal message for all your gift giving needs.

Check out these videos in all their blinking glory:


They’ve also put out a reproduction of the Nintendo World Championship Cart over the past year – complete with full color, high quality manual, box and poster.

Even more recently, they put out the Pirate Booty Cart. It allows you to play all three rare Panesian games (why anyone would want to do so is beyond me) without dropping an insane ammount of money to get them.

Oh, and don’t forget about the PowerPak (play games off of a flash cart on a real NES system) and the Retro Ports. The ports are really nice for anyone into the Virtual Console on the Wii as they allow you to use original SNES and NES controllers!

BunnyBoy (the man behind he madness) is a great guy and is fully committed to making sure NES collectors have new items to add to their collections for years to come.

Check them out!

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