Complete NES, SNES and Genesis Sets Plus Gold NWC

This auction raises so many red flags it’s ridiculous.

1. Listing something so valuable on myebid.
2. Poor and likely stolen pictures.
3. Obvious copy and paste game lists.
4. Never referring to the genesis as anything other than "Sega".
6. Claims they paid 20K for their Gold NWC.

Not only that, but isn’t this overpriced?

The highest Gold NWC sold for around $15,000. I believe the last couple of complete NES sets sold for somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 – possibly less. The one that sold to Penny Arcade to be given away I believe was the highest, then the subsequent ones went for much less. There is at least one complete Genesis set sold private from what I remember, and there was at least one complete SNES set that didn’t sell after two attempts and was eventually parted out. I’m drawing blanks at remembering those prices. Anyone happen to remember?

Either way, this is most likely a scam, but worth a mention if you live nearby and can actually go see for yourself.



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