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Complete Nintendo Gamecube PAL Collection

This auction is pretty cool as aside from being a complete collection, the PAL set actually has a lot more rarities than the NTSC Gamecube set.

For sale is my much loved complete Gamecube collection. All 449 boxed Pal Gamecube games.

Never before has such a large collection appeared on E-bay and this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many of these games were only made in very limited numbers and as such are extremely hard to find if not impossible. The games range from brand new and still sealed to used.

I have been collecting Gamecube games since its launch and I would guess I have bought at least 150 of these games new and as such they are in fantastic condition. The others have been bought second hand and range in quality. I will say that most are in good condition and none would be described as bad.

Some of the GameCube’s most rare and prized games like Kirby’s Air Ride and the Power Puff Girls are still factory sealed.

Auction Here

While I’m no GC expert (especiall for PAL releases) I’m pretty confidant this will not sell at the current price.

(Thanks Phil!)


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