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SNES IS System DEV Kits, The Getaweay pre production

1995 Blockbuster World Video Game Championship 2 promo flyer
Nintendo Development SNES Intelligent Systems IS Sound and IS Debugger
N64 Software Development Kit
THE GETAWAY Pre-production PS2 Debug Code – …One alteration that Team SOHO had to make was the removal of a vehicle and phone box logos which appeared in the initial release of the game. During one of Hammond’s missions, a British Telecom (BT) van is used in a mission in which Hammond must kill the driver and take the van to assassinate a corrupt police officer. BT complained that it “did not want [its] name and livery associated with the violent scenes” in the game, and was worried that it “might incite attacks on [its] engineers.”….. subsequent production was amended to remove the offending details. The development team couldn’t believe they had to change the game just before release, so the story goes…Well this version is from before then… and has the content that was removed!…



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