Complete PAL Dreamcast Collection

I’ve been thinking about the DC lately. The small LCD display in the controller is almost a precursor to the Wii U. Anyways, this auction has 216 officially released games and also includes 57 editions of some alternative titles released only in a part of Europe. Cool set, but the price isn’t realistic. Good start though if you wanted to go for the 700+ US, JAP and PAL set.

Auction Here – Only 60k OBO! (Thanks JD!)


Nintendo Gamecube Phantasy Star Online Trilogy Episode I&II III – Limited Edition Japanese (NTSC-J) version. (Thanks Mike!)
Sega Game Gear Lot of 10 Empty Game Boxes – WWF Raw, EWJ, Streets of Rage 2, Mega Man, Cool Spot, Sonic Triple Trouble, Greendog, Wrestlemania Steel Cage, Mortal Kombat & Battletoads.
Nice and currently cheap SNES game lots
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Dark Link Exclusive Statue – 226 of 725
Legend Of Zelda Magazine Lot
Brand New Xbox 2001 Duke (Large) Controller From Kiosk + Arm
Signed Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 – Seller interviewed Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and 3DO almost eight years ago and had the console, Road Rash and Need For Speed signed.
New Xbox 2002 S-Type (Small) Controller From Kiosk + Arm
XBOX 360 Kiosk Disc Lot
Grand Theft Auto Five 5 V Key Chain
Bioshock 2 Special Collector’s Edition & Collection
Starfox Adventures Nintendo Gamecube Target Exclusive Blister Pak
R.C. Grand Prix Game Gear
Ninja Gaiden Sega Game Gear Complete
SNES Super Nintendo Fun ‘N’ Games Rarity 9
Big Box PAL SNES Yoshi`s Island
ASSASSIN’S CREED SDCC Promo COMICON 2007 Medallion Press Kit
Lot of 153 Playstation 1/PS1 Games
Game Boy Advance SP-Pokemon Center Tokyo charizard Edition
VIntage 1988 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Indoor Slumber Bag/ Comforter
Invite BioShock 2 global Event Press

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