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Crappy BoF2, A Cowboy Tie and Other Randomness

-I’ve been staring at this crappy looking copy of Breath of Fire II for ages but am not willing to invest $32 into seeing if it could be a prototype or someone’s attempt at making their game look ‘cool’. I contacted the seller a while back and I believe they told me the back label was still intact. If you want to take a gamble, BIN at your own peril (but make sure you inform us of what you find out!)!

Another Mario Tie: doesn’t peak my interest quite as much as the previous one I listed (that sold for $85!), but this one is equally as absurd. (Sold: $31.02)
-Sealed box of Topps Series 2 Nintendo Cards: From yours truly–these cards are a pain to find! (Sold: $305.00)
Zelda MM Skull Kid Statue (Sold: $92.86)
1989 Mario Wallet: I love vintage lenticular things! Keep an eye on upcomming items from the seller as they should be listing some other nice vintage Nintendo Merch shortly. (Sold: $39.99)
Nintendo Globe & Mario Pins:Â The seller has been selling these for a while (they have more than one set) and with a best offer option you might be able to get a deal.


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