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Custom Halo Action Figures

custom halo 3 action figure The technological AI infection is spreading through the Spartan ranks turning brave soldiers into agents of destruction. Eventually Master Chief is infected by the mutated ranks but something unexpected happens… Cortana battles the virus within him, merging with John Spartan as he ascends to the next evolutionary level. Now equipped to battle both the infected and the Covenant, Master Chief has become the most powerful Spartan soldier in existence!

Sound good? That’s the theme behind this Ascendant Master Chief custom. It doesn’t exist in the Halo games or anywhere else, a totally unique character and companion piece to my earlier ‘Infected EVA Spartan’. He’s decked out with clear blue energy flames and sports a crackling paint job with brilliant highlights, deep shadows, and exacting detail. Pop off his regular hands and equip him with the energy claws, able to tear through any Covenant armor and parry an Energy Sword in battle. This custom will never be replicated again either, he’s a one-of-a-kind piece. So, looking for a figurehead in your Halo 3 display? Know a friend who will sit down and write out the rest of this story? Then don’t pass this auction up!!


The seller / customizer is pretty well known in the world of custom action figures. They also have a custom Brute Flood Form figure available right now as well.


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