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Custom Halo Master Chief Halo Action Figure

Normally I save the rare auction figure auctions for our other blog over at figSniped. This fig is too damn cool though, and possibly one of the best action figures I’ve ever seen and definitely puts any commercially released Halo figures to shame.

This auction is for a 8” tall custom Halo 3 Master Chief, pistol, rifle, Energy Sword, debris base, and revealed head. This is what he currently comes with, however I was short on time for making the actual battle base and will be adding that later along with an assortment of other weapons still to come! So for right now, this is what the auction includes. Master Chief has 22 points of articulation and can be posed in all sorts of awesome Flood-battling poses, no-scope poses, and even corpse-hump stances to taunt your enemy with after running them down in a Warthog. What better way to celebrate the release of Halo 3 than with a Master Chief that’s ready for battle!

Everyone needs a fig that you can teabag your other figs with.

Already up to just under $400 with four days to go.

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