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Making Sure I Have Power

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about redundancy in my workspace- making sure thinks flow and work as smoothly as possible. This is why I made the post earlier about online backups.

One thing I need to start thinking about, it power. The electricity was out last week for an afternoon, and pretty much my entire workday was destroyed. I do everything in a specific order to make sure everything is the most productive, and without a computer – that makes it kind of hard.

I realize I would have had to do without the internet, but with at least power for a few hours – I could have got something done. That’s why I’m thinking of picking up a couple extra laptop batteries. If I keep one or two on hand, than I’ll have enough work time for almost a full day. Power outages are frequent around here during the winter, and this is definitely a cheaper option that buying a backup generator.

I’ve been looking at and they seem like my best option for picking them up.

Now, If online I could run my 360 and a TV off a USB cable from the Laptop……


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