Site Suggestion: Platformer Update

Platformer Update is a neat little site that I was just introduced to. The name of the site pretty much explains it all, as they focus on news related to platform games.
From their own about page:

Platformer Update is a website dedicated in searching the web for all of the latest news on games pertaining to the Platformer Genre, just so you don’t have to. Platformer games in this current generation indeed still do exist and have become more available thanks to the XBLA, PSN, and Virtual Console. However the aim of this website is to keep you on track with any news of any developing games that will be at retail as well.

How do I define a Platformer game? Anything that involves an emphasis on jumping to and from different elevated platforms in a stage, which often involves collecting many items or as many people put it a “collect-athon”. Easy examples of recent platformer games are Mario Galaxy, Ratchet and Clank, and Contra 4.

The site is updated daily and they do have some nice original content. I’m actually looking forward to their review of the new XBLA title Braid. I’ve head a ton about it, and apparently it’s both a fun and unique game. It’s defiantly an example that the platform genre isn’t dead, or even stale for that matter.

If you’re a platformer fan, than check them out!

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