Virtua Cop Nokia N-Gage

From what I undertsand Virtua Cop is one of the N-Gage holy grails. The game was announced by Nokia for the original gen N-Gage, and it remained on the upcoming games list for a very long time. When the game was finished, Nokia decided not to release it, apparently due to its low quality. However, many protos / betas / not for sale / press carts exist. Apparently there are several versions, such as G1.5 (Alpha), G2.0 (Beta), G2.5 (Gold) and G 3.0 (Gold).

Auction Here – Seller also has a large postion of the N-Gage libarary for sale.


Cool Sega Mega Drive Genesis 6 Button Fighter Stick
Rare Watara Supervison TV-LinkHard to find peripheral for the Watara Supervision, the TV-Link. This device allows one to play SV games on a television and in 4-tone color. It functions just like Nintendo’s Super-Gameboy, but this accessory actually pre-dates nintendo’s by a few years. Super rare, in excellent condition, w/ bendy Watara unit included. – Here`s a good link for more info on the Supervision.
Lego Star Wars XBOX III Press Kit – Limited Eiditons should be this awesome. Press kit includes keychain, press CD, three magnets, pamphlet and game.
Modern Warfare 3 Preorder Announced (Amazon) – Ships in November. I feel like a video game collector poser for enjoying the COD series so much.
Sega Mega Drive PHANTOM 2040 BOX SET and the Sega Mega Drive PRIMAL RAGE BOX SET – It seems like forever since I’ve seen these, and the timing is good as I’ve become obsessed with LE / Big Box versions of retro stuff lately (which you may have noticed in the amount of times I have mentioned SNES big box sets). Primal Rage is complete with box, game, cap and trading cards. Phanton 2040 is complete with box, game, glow in the dark stickers and key ring. Both are apparently new old stock. Now if only I can find the Australian Batman Forever box set.
Super Nintendo Mario All-Stars SNES Korean Hyundai Cart – Cheaper than a regular cart currently.
Super Star Fox Weekend Pin – Only available by competing in the event.
This seller has tons of cheap bulk Super Famicom lots as usual.
FM Towns Marty INDIANA JONES FATE OF ATLANTIS – Aside from the rarity, I hear this game is awesome.
THQ PROMO E3 2001 HOT WHEELS VOLTURE CAR – Hot Wheels Volture car that was given away only at E3 2001 by THQ.


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