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NES Nintendo Limited Edition Sivak Games

Limited Edition carts for retro releases are sometimes a spot of controversy among collectors. I’ve seen people get upset that it seems standard for any homebrew release to slap a different sticker or case on a game, then sell it for significantly more.

The things keep selling though, so the demand is there. Plus these things definitely help offset the costs for producing more releases, and no doubt serve as extra incentive for doing so. Bottom line is that I’m behind anything that helps to keep more new releases coming out.

Back to the topic at hand.

Available are LE carts of Battle Kid, Mystic Pillars, Siamond, Geminim.

Seller has a few other cool things as well, including a LE Seaman Dreamcast, NWC Poster and oh, a NES Nintendo World Championship Grey.

Regular editions of all the Sivak games are available at RetroUSB.

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