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BACK AGAIN – Here Are The Most Rare/Uncommon Cheap NES Games (April 4th) And Where to Find Them!

Cheap NES games that are also rare or uncommon can sound like a misnomer.

However, you can, in fact, buy NES games that are pretty hard to come by but are still affordable. You just have to shop around until you find those NES games that have a respectable rarity score and a reasonable price tag.

It is true that many NES games for sale that are also extremely rare are rather costly. Today, we are going to provide you with a list of those Nintendo Entertainment System games that are both somewhat rare and also affordable.

Cheap NES Games

Check it out, and if you can think of any cheap NES games that are also rare or uncommon that we’ve missed, be sure to mention it in the comments section.

Cheap NES games that are Uncommon or Rare:

  • Mermaids of Atlantis – Rarity guide gave this NES game an impressive score of 87%. Despite this game being relatively rare, the average price for a loose cartridge of Mermaids of Atlantis is only around $30 – $40 loose. You should be able to snag a copy of this cartridge for just $25 on Ebay. The list prices increase from there, so if you want it, get it while it’s more affordable.
  • Super Dodge Ball – This game was given a rarity score of 77%. Despite the fact that this NES game is nearly 29 years old, you may be able to get a loose cart just over $10. Talk about a STEAL! This is a good game to invest in as the value will likely increase over time. Even if it doesn’t, you won’t have spent a small fortune on a copy of the title.
  • Pac Man – Pac-Man as an NES games scored a rarity of 77%. This game was released in 1993 and has an average loose cartridge price of $22.00. However, you can currently place a bid on a copy of this cart on Ebay for a staggeringly low price of $2.99. It goes without saying that Pac-Man is a definitive classic game. This is a great one to add to your collection if you do not already own it.
  • North and South – This game has a rarity score of 77%. Unfortunately, it’s a bit on the pricier side typically going for $30 minimum right now. However, I’ve seen North and South sell around $23 for loose carts on Ebay. Many of the BIN prices are listed for $42.99 (which is still semi-affordable for such an uncommon game).
  • Magician – Rarity Guide gives Magician a score of 76%. The average loose carts sell around $19.00. Current list prices on Ebay generally match up to these prices. Right now, you can purchase a copy of Magician for $25. If you hunt around, you’re bound to snipe one for $19.
  • Arkanoid – This game earned a rarity score of 76% from Rarity Guide. Arkanoid’s average list price for a loose cart is $12.00 which is super reasonable. This is a relatively older NES game (released back in 1987). You can currently purchase a copy of the game for exactly $11.99 on Ebay. This is an affordable and relatively rare game you could add to your NES collection without destroying your budget.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – This Nintendo game released back in 1986 (making it nearly 31 years old)! It has earned a rarity score of 75%. The average list price for a loose Donkey Kong Jr. cartridge is just $12. The current lowest list price on a Donkey Kong Jr. cartridge on Ebay is $14.99 with other cart list prices increasing from there. This is still a great buy, especially if you are a fan of Donkey Kong!
  • Castelian – This game which released late in the console’s cycle in 1991. It earned a rarity score of 72%. It has an average loose cart price of $10.00 on Ebay. Max, I wouldn’t spend more than $15 – $20. Any more than that and you’re being taken advantage of. Currently, there is a loose Castelian cart listed with a starting bid of just $1.99. You could snag a copy of this cart for an incredibly low price if you hop on and place a bid.

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