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Button, Button, Who’s Got a Button?

There are some SERIOUS video game button/pin collectors out there…don’t believe me?  Google it, I dare you!  I have a large amount of respect for those who collect abnormal video game related items that don’t happen to be games…it’s just so off the cuff and interesting!  I went to post a few interesting ones, but there are SO many to choose from right now…here are a few of my favorites that popped up.

Super Mario Toothbrush Button

Nintendo ‘The Best Play Here’ Pin

Nintendo ‘Fast Forward’ Pin

Nintendo Super FX Pin

N64 Promo Pin Lot

California Atari Lynx Pin

Atari Coca-Cola Asteroids Promo Button

Atari Olympics Pin

The Humans Promo Button

5 Piece Sonic 2 Pin Set

Sega Euro Challenge 92

Sega Saturn Promo Pin

There really are too many to pull up here, so do yourself a favor and make a search to check them out!


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