E3 2011 Goodies

E3 has always been an industry exclusive event where all the game companies promote the crap out of their products each year. Most if not all of those freebies usually ends up on ebay eventually. Here are some of the E3 2011 freebies on ebay:

Cars 2 Avatar Costume for Xbox Live there another one here cheaper (stolen photo)
Cooking Mama 4 Cooking Glove/Mitten
Uncharted 3 Lanyard $43 for a lanyard?
Uncharted 3 Promo Character Torso Item
Duke Nukem Forever Lanyard
Mass Effect 3 Lanyard
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword lanyard heres another one for $21 (auction)
Vinvictus Nexon 1/500 Promo Spirit Hood White at a price that will make you cringe and another here
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Keychain
World of Tanks (MMO) Mini Tank and DVD set
Harvest Moon Alpaca Plush + Catalog What could possibly be on that catalog? 11 other Harvest Moon titles for the whole year from Natsume? lolwut?
Ghost Recon Mousepad
Minecraft for Xperia Play shirt Wow, a Minecraft collectible?
Pokedex 3D flyer

here’s a lot of what I mentioned above + more. .99 right now.




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