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Retro VGS Gaming Console Update – Project Now Dead

Last summer we brought you this story about the Retro VGS. This was a supposed to be a new gaming console meant to pander towards retro gamers. The system was a retooled Atari Jaguar designed to play new gaming titles in a video game cartridge format.

Since our first report, the Retro VGS failed in a crowdfunding attempt in November and seemed like a doomed project. Then miraculously the copyright holder of the Coleco brand decided to back the Retro VGS and the outlook was promising that there would be a 2016 release for the renamed Coleco Chameleon system. An appearance at the Toy Fair last month in New York raised suspicion that the system has been a scam all along (attendees claim that the VGS console was nothing more than past system components Frankensteined together), and recent events confirmed that the project is officially dead.

Chris Cardillo of Coleco has since reported that there has been a separation between his company and Retro VGS and that the Chameleon project was to be terminated. He states that Retro VGS would not give a system demonstration and as such Coleco could no longer continue its partnership with the company.

To add more fuel to the fire the managing editor of Retro VGS’s Retro Magazine also separated from the company citing issues with the Chameleon’s development. Since these major shake-ups Retro VGS has taken down its Facebook page and its website no longer loads. It’s safe to say that the retro gaming console won’t be seeing the light of day.

Hopefully, the listings below make up for any disappointment. Check out our newly created NES price guide and rarities. We show you the best and rarest games from Nintendo’s original flagship!

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