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Infinity Will Live Forever, At Least on The Game Boy Color

Hi everyone, it’s Kim. Last week I talked to you about a increasingly rare underrated Game Boy game, Kid Dracula. This week, I’m going to talk about a Game Boy Color game. The game is called Infinity, a Game Boy Color rpg. A once anticipated game, the development of Infinity was lost to the rapid succession of new technology in the Game Boy Advance. The game was due to be released in 2001; as many of you might remember, Game Boy Advance also released the same year. The Infinity rpg that had been planned and partially developed simply faded away, the team creating the game went their separate ways in 2002, and the Infinity RPG became just another game lost to time and technology.

Infinity RPG
Source: Youtube

All these years later, things suddenly started getting interesting again. This happened:

Affinix Software, the original developer of the game, decided this Infinity rpg deserves a chance to be played by the general public. This past Saturday (August 13, 2016), they announced on their website that the ROM file and source code are available, although the game is being listed as a preview. They cleaned it up a little but they are clear that it is an unfinished game. You can read all the details and get the file and/or code at It can be played on an emulator (they recommend a couple). Or, if you have the equipment and ability, put it on a cart yourself. Most important, they “hope retrogamers will enjoy this little bit of history.”

Here are some interesting finds you might want to check out on the ‘bay:

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