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Over 150 People Will See The SNES CD IN Person At BlurrieCon 2016-Will You Be In Attendance?

Last week, we told you all about a homebrew game that was made for the Nintendo Play Station or SNES CD. This week, the mysterious, holy grail prototype pops up on our radar once again. If you don’t know the story behind this game system, definitely check out our article on the SNES CD from last summer to get up to speed. The big news is that this console prototype is going to make an ‘in person’ appearance at this year’s BlurrieCon, a gaming convention held in Erie, PA. This year’s event (the 4th) takes place on October 14 -16, 2016.

Over 150 People Will See The SNES CD IN Person At BlurrieCon 2016


This video game convention, among other things, refers to itself as “the North Coast’s finest feast of anime, gaming, and geek culture.” You can find out more about BlurrieCon on their website or follow them on Facebook. The schedule is not complete yet but there is a list of guests. That list includes Dan and Terry Diebold – the owners of the Nintendo Play Station console, sponsored by Bayfront Entertainment (a retro gaming store located in Erie). The previous article we ran refers to Dan by his Reddit username, AnalogueBoy and Terry is his infamous father who formerly worked for Sony and saved this prototype game system from the trash heap.

Now here’s where it gets really cool! They will not only be displaying the console and telling the story of their discovery. They will be giving a demonstration as well. This should make Link happy. I know he really wanted to believe it was real. It looks like all of the recent news from the past 6 months really provided solid confirmation. Since I’m not going to make it to Erie in October, I hope we get to see some footage of this console in action. If anyone does make it to BlurrieCon, we’d love to hear from you.

I’m going to leave with a few of the awesome items I found on the ’bay:

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