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The Holy Grail Of PS1 Collections: The Complete PS1 Longbox Lot

So how many of you played the ps1? I’m raising both of my hands, just so you know. I was a late adopter of the PS1/N64. So, most of the games I played on those consoles (somewhere around 97) came in the old jewel cases like any other CD. The longbox is what we’re all used to with the games we play today. Heck, we even have steel cases now. Some of you might know about these games already or have heard of them called longboxes or ps1 big box games.

I was trying to track down the exact number of these games out there and came up with anywhere from 102 to 106. The reason this issue came up at all is because of this listing on the ‘bay: Ps1 Longbox Complete Collection of ALL 102 Games! SUPER RARE!!


This is a ps1 lot that includes a huge collection of 102 games made for PS1 and sold in the longbox/big box. I’m not going to lie; the price is steep. But, these longbox games seem to be in phenomenal condition. Most are mint or near mint. Not only are the disks good, but the cases are in darn near perfect condition as well. Compound that with the steady rise in PS1 game prices, and you will see this lot is actually underpriced all things considered.

The seller has a 100% rating through just over 200 sales. They go into detail in the item description about all of the things that are right with these games. Obviously, this seller knows what makes and keeps an item valuable. All those little wear and tear we might be used to happening do not apply to the games in this list.

All of the manuals and even the miscellaneous insert stuff they put in the cases is included. It’s a limited time deal, if the lot doesn’t sell in the next two months, it’s going to be broken up and the games sold individually. This seller took a lot of time putting this collection together. The games were truly cared for by this person and he seems (rightfully so) a little torn up about giving them up. Shipping charges are covered by the seller, and the lot will be shipped in smaller, well-packed shipments to make sure the contents are safe and secure.

I looked up some other things you might find interesting:

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