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Hunt For Rare Games and Merch Using Retro Gaming Mousepads

Last week we explored expensive and rare games for the classic NES. This week: mousepads! These gaming mousepads celebrating retro games will be a great companion to use at your PC while hunting for retro goodies! Check out the bottom of this post for additional gaming themed pads.

Retro Gaming Mousepads

Metroid Samus

Mario Bros. Bowser

Zelda Link to the Past Map

Donkey Kong

Mega Man 2 Boss Selection Screen

FF6 Summons Mousepad

Street Fighter II Ryu Vs. Ken

Mario Bros 3 World 1 Map

Doom Marine

Zelda Majora’s Mask

Zelda “I (Heart) Zelda”

Mario 8-Bit Sprite


Final Fantasy 7 Game Cover Art

Metroid Suitless Samus

Space Invaders Mouse + Mouse Pad


Don’t worry. Just in case mousepads don’t interest you we also pulled together some cool retro video game merchandise!

Tetris Mug

Zelda II Vintage Trash Can

Super Mario Vinyl Decal

Pac-Man Mug

Streets of Rage T-Shirt

Retro Video Game Flasks – Because sometimes you need a bit extra fuel while competing for retro merch!

Sonic the Hedgehog Chess Set – A must for any true Sega fanatic

Sega Mega Drive T-Shirt

Mario Vintage Game Watch – Prices are a bit steep at the moment. The watch alone usually sells around the $40 – $60 range. Keep in mind, both listings right now are for the complete box set with original earbuds, paperwork and box. One of the listings is mint and has been unused since the 90’s.

Kirby Plush Cushion

Playstation Console Wall Clock

Asteroids Stand-Up Display

Duke Nukem Action Figure – Hail to the King, baby!

Pac-Man Vintage Throw Blanket

Duck Hunt T-Shirt

Pac-Man Cufflinks

Bubble Bobble Mug

Nintendo Power Vintage Backpack – Rare Nintendo Power swag. If you’re interested, snap it up while you can!

Zelda Quilt (72″ x 76″)

Atari Messenger Bag

E.T. Atari Original Store Display – Original store display from 1982. Still sealed in plastic. Don’t see these too often, guys! 🙂

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