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Portable Atari 2600 VCS

ATARI 2600 VCS PORTABLE While it’s no Ben Heck model, this is a very nice custom portable. While personally I have no interested in playing 2600 games on the go, or enjoy wood cases, I have to admit this thing could change my mind.

Specs include:

1 – This ATARI 2600 VCSp uses a led modded screen. With led mod applied; it saves a huge amount of battery amperage.

2 – This portable has 6XAA rechargeable batteries at 2500mAh.

3 – Batteries are recharged in the unit via a charge jack.

4 – Batteries last at least for 2-2.5 hours thanks to the led mod I applied.

5 – The unit uses new video mod and has perfect image.(Don’t take the photos as reference, though. They are taken by a 2mp camera.)

6 – Unit has both the four-way controller(with custom design) and the paddle controller. Four-way controller has seperate trigger unlike the paddle, whose trigger is located on the custom four-way controller. You see that little red triggerish thing? That’s it, cool isn’t it?

7 – Unit has a colour adjust pot at the back, over the battery compartment.

8 – The three knobs at the bottom of the front half are for volume adjust, brightness adjust and colour adjust(I mean you can change the setting from the very colourfull to B/W)

All in all, a very nice and well done mod. Ben Heck’s book has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust since it launched ( four years ago?), as has been a half hacked up NES system. I really should get back to that one day.

Link ($157.50 – Just under two days to go)

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