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New Super Mario and Mario Kart 7 toys from K’Nex

Toy Fair 2013 – I was at Toy Fair 2013 today held at the Javit’s Center here in New York City previewing the latest toys that are coming out this year. I figured I’d write a few things I saw at the show but none really grabbed my attention (NECA was a disappointment. They didn’t even have the Half Life gravity gun for display! I also wondered why they decided to display their old line as well) except the tiny booth tucked in the middle of the bottom floor for K’Nex.

I first wrote about the Mario Kart Wii K’Nex sets back in spring of 2011 and was quite excited that finally, a big toy company is picking up the Mario Kart license and doing it justice (Carrera, you don’t count!). I wrote a review about it after getting a sample from K’Nex and even went to the Nintendo World Store launch (that was an AMAZING experience!). I specifically went looking for K’Nex at the main show floor but found them later downstairs which was packed! I wanted to see what Mario Kart Wii toys are coming out this year and to my surprise, they are adding a few more Super Mario licenses to their roster. They had just one prototype to show to me of New Super Mario Bros. 2 set which featured Mario on a catapult-like device. I spoke to one of the reps who explained all the sets to me and was told that all the new Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario sets are due this June (just in time for summer). When asked how their Nintendo license is doing, I was told that it’s doing rather well and hopefully they’ll continue to produce more in the future. Expect a review of these sets soon!


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