eBay Deal Of The Day – XBOX Jade Empire & Kingdom Under Fire

I posted a lot of cheap BINs a couple of days ago, and got some great feedback. If I find stuff worthy of it, I may start making a similar post at least once a week.

In this case, eBay featured this auction, on its deal of the day section. Two original sealed XBOX games, Jade Empire and Kingdom Under Fire Heroes. The former I though was pretty decent and I’m never heard of the second.

Total is $5.00, with free shipping to the US. Not a bad deal. Seller must be sitting on a TON of these, so the future value will probably be iffy.



I’m looking for nice NEW stuff that’s cheap, but I’m not getting a ton. Loads of crappy sealed games for under $5.00 shipped though, so we’ll try that for now. I will avoid the sports titles though and anything really horrible (I used that term loosely). All are new and sealed. Most have multiple copies.

Th3 Plan PS2 – $2.99 Shipped
V.I.P GBA – $2.99 Shipped, Pam Anderson! Woo!
Trigger Man PS2 – $3.99 Shipped
N Sync GB Color – $3.00 Shipped
Rock Revolution Nintendo DS – $4.99 Shipped
Friends: The One With All The Trivia PS2 – $4.99 Shipped
Unreal 2 XBOX – $4.98 Shipped
Legend Of The Dragon PS2 – $4.98 Shipped
Jungle Book Gamegear – $4.99 Shipped
PS1 Putter Golf – $4.99 Shipped
Largo Winch PS1 – $5.00 Shipped

Over $5.00

Blaster Master PS1 – $5.98 Shipped
Phil Of the Future GBA -$5.99 Shipped
PS1 Street Racquetball – $5.99 Shipped
Marvel Trading Card Game DS – $6.48 Shipped
Test Drive Le Mans Dreamcast – $6.48 Shipped
Weakest Link PS1 – $6.49 Shipped
Unfabulous GBA – $6.59 Shipped
Coaster Works Dreamcast – $6.69 Shipped
Um Jammer Lammy – $6.90 Shipped. Awesome game, I need to play this again.
Quick Yoga Training DS – $6.99 Shipped
Get On The Mic PS2 – $7.99 Shipped
VR Soccer Sega Saturn – $7.99 Shipped
Sheep PS1 – $7.99 Shipped
Smurf Racer – $7.99 Shipped
Kung Food Atari Lynx – $8.07 Shipped
Perfect Dark N64 – $8.42 + Shipping

Nothing spectacular, but some possible buys there given the prices. For reference I’m grabbing the XBOX combo, N64 Perfect Dark, VIP GBA, NSYNC GBA and Rock Revolution DS. The later had abysimal sales, so assuming all the unsold stock goes missing in a warehouse somewhere, it could be worth something in a decade or two.

PS1 stuff is tempting, but given the flood of sealed games under $20 for the system, I feel I’d only be inviting myself to a new collecting hobby that I don’t want to have.

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