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NES Cartridge Soap

On the internet, we are constantly defining the word geeky all the time.

This soap not only resembles the NES cartridge, but you might actually mistaken it as the real thing. They totally got the shade of gray right. These handmade soaps were made one at a time using natural vegetable glycerin with aloe and vitamin E. They came in scented lime mint and unscented. At 9 ounces, these things are actually much heavier than the actual thing. Not to mention they’re probably a little awkward to handle while in the shower. But at least its easier to soap the crevice of your ass with it unlike the regular over the counter soap 🙂

$7.50 each (on sale) Link to the Geeksoap product page.

The NES controller is still cool btw. But I can’t wait until someone out there makes a NES system soap. I guess it’s only a matter of time..

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