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New Videogame Auction Site

ChaseTheChuckwagon is a new video game auction site which hopes to provide an alternative to eBay. While I have made my opinion on the success of such sites toppling eBay well know, CTCW is certainly off to a good start.

Right now, it’s a decent way to pick some things up cheaper than you might find then on eBay. I’ve also been told by a member of our forum that they find they’re actually getting MORE for their items than when they sell them on eBay. His theory is that auctions for extremely common, but good games get lost in the massive glut of them on eBay. When listing on a smaller site however, there is less competition and you get more exposure. Great theory, and one I intend to test myself.

Currently, there’s a few decent things I have my eye on, like a ColecoVision Flash Cart, Atari 7800 Reproduction Carts and a cheap SNES Captain Novolin.


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