PlayStation Musem inventory sale & Atari goodies!

What’s inside these numbered boxes?

I think this is the BIGGEST PLAYSTATION SALE that Includes 10 million model & DEV stuff ever.
You have to check the list to believe it.

True Museum liquidation sale!


Jaysmith2000‘s second round:

Xbox Debug Kit Manual

Playstation Psy-Q Development Datakey 2.3
A dongle!

Atari Jaguar Demo Tape 10/9/95 – Unreleased games
Someone should buy it and save it in digital format.

Jaysmith2000 has put up for auction many small proto-goodies, like these Atari TT030 TT Prototype Computer Labels. You should check his shop. The Atari 800 System – Direct out of Atari HQ’s is quite intriguing too.

Regarding Atari home computers, he has this Atari Falcon Preliminary Developer Documentation that needs to be checked by someone who has the knowledge.

Again, Atari gives you these cool window displays:



A Nintendo sign and a NR Disk (should be final version):

LARGE Wall Display Nintendo Game Room Sign

NR reader Gladius review disk Game Cube

You’ll need an NR Reader for this one!


Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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