Update From Link

So, I ended up on hiatis again.

I had a MRI scheduled to look for the exact cause of my pain and it turned to to be differnt than what they figured. I have an infection in my hip (SI Joint) which has turned into septic arthretis. Doc that did the MRI told me to go immediately to the ER.

Good thing too, as while I was recovering well from the first hospital bout I took a majory downfall that day. Couldn`t walk again and tons of pain which needed major narcotics just to cope with.

Fast forward a little over a week later and things are looking up. Had my ups and downs but pain is now at a managable level and I`m getting around (poorly) on my crutches.

I have a semi permanet IV line istalled in my arm and will need IV antibotics for roughly six weeks. The line is kinda frightening in concept. Basically a tube runs from my arm through a vien to just above my heart so the antibotics are more effective and I don`t need a new IV site every couple of days.

Anyways, I`m hoping to be out of the hospital by Thursday.

Oh, and did I mention that I`m an eight hour flight from home while all this happened? Again, hopefully I will be home safe and sound by this weekend.

Scary stuff, really, as the infection was at a point where it could have been a lot worse for me, but luckily it only ended up where it did.

TLDR: Link was sick, now he`s less sick. Hopefully back to posting daily.


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