Custom Halo Master Chief Lego Minifig

custom halo master chief lefo mini figI love Lego. I still have massive amounts in my attic awaiting the day my son (hopefully) takes an interest in them. In fact, if I wasn’t a video game collector, Lego collecting would stand a good chance of filling that void.

With all the licensed Lego sets out these days for Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and other franchises – it’s only a matter of time before a video game gets the treatment. What better game of course than Halo 3?

Well, if that ever happens than you can consider this auction to be a sneak peak at what’s going to come. This thing looks amazing and would be a great addition to the collector of Lego OR video games. Minifig here for a $40.00 BIN.

Oh, and if Halo’s not your cup of tea, how about a custom Ninja Gaiden minifig? Or maybe Sub-Zero? Or Scorpion?


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