Custom Megaman AIR MAN Action Figure

I’ve showcased custom action figures quite often on gameSniped. This however, is the most amazing one of all. In fact, I will go on record with this being my favorite video game action figure of all time.

This is a custom made 3 ¾” tall Air Man with real battery-powered spinning chest fan and magnetic attaching Tornado Blast.

Just look at the pictures. Wow.

custom mega man air man megaman action figure gi joe

The figure is available here on eBay, and is currently $229.38 with just under four days to go.

Not only did Jin Saotome (the customizer) create Air Man, but he’s done tons of Mega Man characters in this 25th anniversary GI Joe style. He’s previously created Ice Man, Bubble Man, Dr. Wily (with sphere), Tron Bonne (Yawn), Metal Man, Drill Man (reminds me of the Puppet Master movies), Cutman, Snakeman, Fire Man, Heatman, and Guts Man (my second favorite next to Air Man).

Very sweet figures. Also, if you want to see some more custom action figures, check out this site.


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