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D.I.C.E Conference LE XBO 360 Faceplate

dice 2007 faceplate Given the mass amount of LE XBOX stuff I’ve been coming across recently, I’ll be putting together a search tool shortly.

In the meantime, I just ran across this LE Faceplate from the D.I.C.E conference. D.I.C.E (Design, Innovate, Create, Entertain) is a convention that essentially celebrates game design and brings together industry workers.

This faceplate was available at the conference last year in Vega. No idea what the numbers were on these, or how they were distributed. The price is pretty surprising as well. I can see the appeal in dropping a grand on one of the LE 360 consoles, but I’m not such a fan of faceplate collecting. To each their own though.


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