eBay / Paypal Coupons

Occasionally PayPal will issue coupon codes that work for every account.  Other times they work for a single account, group of accounts, or a certain region (e.g. the UK vs. the USA).

I got these in my email today and I figured I would pass them on. No idea if they’ll work for sure, but it’s worth a shot.If you do get them to work, please share it with us in the comments.

CJUNE0810P is 10% off any eBay auction up to a $100 discount.

CJUNE10SHIP is $10.00 off on shipping. The shipping
discount can be used up three times on one account.

Both coupons expire June 30th.

I’m also told that they may only work if your eBay and Paypal account are linked.


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