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301 SNES Game Lot

snes_box_72 Now, 301 games is not something that would normally warrant a post unless it was full of an insane amount of rare games or available for an extremely low price.

You should take note of this auction not for either of those reasons, but because this is how you should run an auction (and it’s being sold by a gameSniped reader – remember to submit your auctions).

A nice little introduction to get peoples interest. Explanation about how every game is tested and a description of all the cosmetic issues. A few comments on every game, excellent photos of every game and pictures of the shipping method that will be used.

If this ends up going to someone who wants it for their personal collection (as opposed to a reseller) it should fetch a few more dollars than it would otherwise if it just had a list of games.

I’m guilty of not wanting to take the time to do a nice auction like this – it does take time. If you do want to get a nice price, especially for your lots, it’s probably worth the effort though.

Auction Here


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