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Halo 3 Marquee & some 360 Promo Disc

Here’s a really nice Halo 3 store marquee. The seller also has a Playstation, and a Dreamcast Marquee. Very Cool..

Also, A seller from Australia has a lot of Xbox 360 Promo Copy games. I posted a few of these a few months ago. Some of the games are mediocre though..

Lost Planet

50 Cent Blood Sand

Alone in the Dark


Call of Huarez

theres a few more here..

other items:

Red Dead Redemption Poker Card (i think these were the same decks included in that launch kit)

Raiden IV Soundtrack

Ninja Gaiden 2 Standee (seller has 3 of these)

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C64 Last Ninja 2 Limited Edition

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