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Custom Nintendo NES DVD Player

custom nintendo dvd player I’ve seen a ton of horrible NES mod in my day, but this one looks pretty decent.

Up for sale I have a Fully Customized Nintendo Entertainment System modified into a DVD Player. This is the perfect item for anyone who loves the nostalgia of the Original NES. The DVD player has full functionality to even be plugged into an HDTV via Component Cables, Composite, and/or S-Video.

I have even modified the original controller so that it has DVD functions. “Select”- Eject; “B”-Play/Pause; and “A”-Stop. The “POWER” and “RESET” button also work. The Power button, turns the DVD player On/Off, and RESET button will also eject the DVD. The Red Light next to the Power button stays Red when the player is on Standby, and it turns Green when the player is powered on.

Being able to use the actual controller is what makes this one tempting for me.



Nintendo DS Demos
Seller One (Party, Kirby and Others)
Seller Two (Carnival, Pokemon and Others. They have some nice assorted Nintendo promo items as well).


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