Eminem Signed DJ Hero Renegade XBOX 360

This is an autographed copy of DJ Hero Renegade Edition (the CD is signed). It was won in a contest from GameStop.


More interesting stuff (to me):

Super Mario Bros. 2 Glass Jar
Sealed Intellivision Fathom
Complete Intellivision Stadium Mud Buggies
Twinkle Tale JP Megadrive
Brand New XBOX Steel Battalion w/ Controller – It kills me that I did not buy like six of these when my local EB games blew them out for like $50.00.
Brand New Vectrex HP-3000 Arcade System
1978 Fairchild Channel F System II
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Retail Standee – Expensive (With Bids) For A Current Gen Standee
Vintage Street Fighter 2 Store Poster
Vintage Sega Saturn Store Display
Lot of Three Vintage Mortal Kombat T-Shirts – Very, very sweet.
M.U.S.H.A. Musha Aleste Complete for Sega Genesis


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