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Factor 5 Pegasus SNES Super Nintendo Development Kit

I know Nicola briefly mentioned this, but I though it deserved a more in depth focus, just like a GIS certificate. I don’t know a whole lot about at, but hopefully maybe someone can chime in with some more info.

Factory 5 was (and still is) an independent German software and video game developer. They developed games for the Amiga, Atari St, SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, PC, Playstation and more.

During the SNES era they worked on titles such as Super Turrican, Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures, and Super Turrican 2.

After they finished work on Turrican II for the Amiga and Atari ST in 1991, Factor 5 built their own development kits and software environments for the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis codenamed Pegasus SNES and Pegasus Mega Drive. Someone that has their information technology MBA would find this very interesting.

This appears to be one of the SNES units. Pics tell the story best, but it has a parallel port, dip switches and a PCMCIA Adaptor cart. It’s definitely a uniquie item and a decent price at the current $125.

Auction Here


Grand Theft Auto IV GTA 4 Key to The City
– When GTA IV launched, Rockstar did a promo where if you beat the game to 100% completion within a certain amount of time, you received this key to the city. It’s a nifty metal key in a sleek velvet box. At one point these were going for $300.00+ but in the past year you’ve been able to get them for under $100.00.

Zelda Ocarina Of Time Nintendo Power Figure – Sealed NP exclusive, already at a hefty $178.10.

Custom Painted Blooper Game Boy – I love the look of this guy.


Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Crystal Cube – This is Japan promo from almost a decade ago. It is a hard plastic cube, with a laser etched Sonic wireframe model inside. There were only 500 of these ever made, and they were produced before laser etching became as common as it is today. This is one of three limited 10th anniversary items, the others being were a ring and a statue. Sold for $910.00.

Zelda Ocarina Of Time Sealed Promo Figure Set – These figure’s were only available before the game’s release back in 1998 and were exclusive too Target. It was a three pack of Ganon, Zelda, and Link. Each figure is individually based inside the box and the Link figure includes Master Sword and Hylian Shield accessories. It also includes a $10 Target coupon for purchase of a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Originally priced at $10.00, this one just sold for $380.88. Too steep? There’s a boxed set here for $20.00.

1992 Bandai Hardshell Bowser & 1998 Mario Party Bowser – I kind of wanted to bid on these and should have for the $23.00 they ended for.

Super Mario RPG Card/Coin Box Set – These were only available in Japan for a very short period of time when the game was released, inside this box set contains thirty brand new packs of cards/coins, inside each pack is five random cards and one random coin (Bronze, Silver or Gold). The box also pops out as a display. Sold for $349.23.

White Sega Game Gear – Only released in Japan and a highly collectible rarity. This is in better and more complete condition that any I have seen in a long time and sold for $654.00.

SNES Aero Fighter Instruction Manual
– Once around ten years ago I had something like 1000+ SNES Manuals. You honestly do not want to know how cheap I sold rarities like this for. If you bought from me on DP back then, you`re welcome. Anyways, this sold for $82.50.

Yoshi`s Story International Version – One of the rarest carts for the N64. It’s U.S. release game according to the serial code (NUS-USA/CAN-1), but the text is all in Japanese. Most or all of the carts seem to have a sticker label placed over some type other original label, but no one has peeled it back to see what it is. More info here. Sold for $244.05.


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