French Blisterpacks

Blister packaging was added by most French distributors before hitting the store shelves. They have been getting pretty scarce and prices started to get nuts over the last two or three years.

Super Mario 64 – Not the rarest Nintendo 64 blisterpack, tons of NOS were found couple of years ago

Nights into dreams Saturn PAL

Joust Atari Lynx – Most systems from the 90s had their games sold in those kind of blisterpacks.

Aladdin Megadrive – Bit pricey though

Star wing SNES – Same as Mario 64: I remember hundreds of those were available on eBay five years ago. I wish I had bought some of them…

Zelda Majora’s Mask

La Zoubida Amiga – French blisterpack of a French game in which you play… a French TV showman (Vincent Lagaf).

R-Type DX

Killer Instinct SNES – One of the few games that had a special design blisterpack

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