Dev Kits To Drool Over

This is my very first post, and I’ve got some development consoles to share.

Here is a PS3 developer’s reference tool. According to online sources it is a monster of a machine, retailing at approximately $10,250, weighing in at a whopping 45lbs, and is 19″ wide, 24″ deep. The one being featured here is simply the bare bones of the console itself, with just the power and AV cords, no developer tools to make it go further than powering on. Buy it now is at $1,499.99, so if you know what it is and have either the machine or sources to get the machines, it might be worth exploring into if one has the cash laying around.

A PS2 debug system. Comes with a dev copy of “Are You Smarter Than a  5th Grader”.

A Nintendo GBA program for developers. Don’t know much about it myself, but I’m sure later on I will research it out of my own curiosity.

These are just a little taste for my first post, I will have more to share in the coming weeks, just have some things to take care of today. Happy hunting and I look forward to sharing more!

Written by Neo Star

Hey there one and all! My name's Neo Star, no not quite a video game, more along the lines of the name of the former company that owned Gamestop back in the mid-90s when it was known as Babbage's. I am all about fun, and enjoy hunting for the rarest and sometimes the most common of games, trinkets, anything else video game related you can think of.

My knowledge of video games past is not something that can be written as being the most astonishing library the world has known, but it is that of someone who lived through the evolutions of game playing as a kid growing up in the 90s, and with that said, I am a Sega fanatic, argue it if you would like, but I LOVED me some Sega.

I spend a lot of my time hunting the jungles of Ebay, and sometimes Craigslist, so if I find something that seems interesting enough to share, keep your eyes pealed, and please be gentle but honest with any comments, if my posts and finds are good, I'm happy, if they're bad, tell me, but be kind.

I am happy to be here and excited to share, so hello fellow Gamesniped aficionados.

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