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Game Boy Advance GBA Hand Painted by Dave Mira

This auction is for a One-of-a-Kind Game Boy Advance, Hand-Painted by BMX SuperStar, Dave Mira. Back in 2002, Nintendo and Stuff Magazine (now part of Maxim Magazine) ran a “Play for America” contest with three “extreme” athletes, where each one painted a Game Boy Advance for charity. Tony Hawk (pro skateboarder), Kelly Slater (pro surfer), and Dave Mira (pro BMX rider) all participated. Nintendo donated $3000 to each of the athlete’s charity organizations of choice, and three lucky winners received a one-of-a-kind GBA! Guess who won Dave Mira’s work of art! That’s right: Me!

IGN still has the original article online where they detailed the contest. You can read more about it here:

And now, after years of it being a centerpiece to my collection, I have to sell it. As sad as I am to see it go, I know there are collectors out there who are way more serious than me when it comes to limited editions, so I’m confident it’ll end up in a good home.

The GBA is originally Arctic White in color, but has since been painted over by Dave Mira. He also signed his name over the display, so I hope you don’t plan on playing any games with this one!!

P.S. Here’s a news article from another winner. This guy won the GBA decorated by Kelly Slater!

Game Boy Advance GBA Hand Painted by Dave Mira



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