gameSniped Countdown Till Christmas Prizes

That’s right, one day after announcement, we’ve already got some awesome sponsors on board. Some really cool prizes already too!

1. Any NES game of your choice from GAMEREPRODUCTIONS.COM.
2. A copy of Earthbound 0 and Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese Edition from NESREPRODUCTIONS.COM.

Both of these sites offer vintage Nintendo reproduction cartridges of games that never had an official release. These include completed games and unreleased prototypes that never made it to market like the famous Earthbound 0, California Raisins and Drac’s Night Out. They also have fan translations of Japan only games (like Final Fantasy 2 and 3), home brew/hacked games and finally pirate cartridges.

Plus, if there’s some sort of horrible (but awesome) game out there you DESPERATELY want to see in cart form, they’ll be able to hook you up. I’ve bought cartridges from both sites and the work they do is amazing!

3. Bubble Bobble 2 Gameboy Proto from eBay seller sama$$aran.

This seller was mentioned earlier this week as they have some awesome Bobbleheads up at the moment. They also have all sorts of other unique gaming stuff, from T-Shirts, Faceplaces, Production Cells and all other sorts of promo items. Keep an eye on this guy as he intends to list a lot more unique items.

The contest dosen’t start for another eight days so if you’re interested in donating a prize, please email me as soon as possible.

There are already a couple more sponsors who I have to work out some details with, so expect some more to be announced tomorrow!

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