gameSniped Countdown Till Christmas Update

So, I haven’t updated the contest news in a while.

Here’s the deal, the contest is going to start on Monday the 10th and run until Sunday the 17th. Some days there might be multiple prizes, the other days there may only be one. How you can win may vary from super easy to incredibly hard, but will lean towards the former. If you win a prize, than you cannot enter for any other day, EXCEPT for the final grand prize which will take place on Sunday.

Here’s the prize countdown so far:

1. Any NES game of your choice from GAMEREPRODUCTIONS.COM.

2. 2. A copy of Earthbound 0 and Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese Edition from NESREPRODUCTIONS.COM

3. Bubble Bobble 2 Gameboy Proto from eBay seller sama$$aran

4. Six copies copy of Video Game Collector #8 (from Video Game Collector Magazine)

5. Gurumin for the PSP (from Video Game Collector Magazine)

6. Copies of VGC #1/2 (from Video Game Collector Magazine)

7. Every issue of Video Game Collector including VGC #1/2 (from Video Game Collector Magazine)

8. Sealed copy of Pirates! Gold for the Sega Genesis from our very own Nicola.

9. A Super Nintendo Super 8 from myself. (Allows you to play NES and Famicom games on the SNES)

10. A grab bag of video game pinbacks I have lying around from myself.

10. Five custom Video Game T-Shirts and mousepad combos from eBay seller RetroRalphs

Now there are a BUNCH of other prizes that I need to finalize. Stay tuned!


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