gameSniped Day 6 Voting – Get Organized

Alright, it’s time to finally get the voting up for this one. Poll will run until the 16th.

Do you have a big video game collection? Or even a small one? Is it jumbled around everywhere? Hard to find stuff? Disorganized? Well than maybe a copy of the Game Collector Software is for you!

I’m going to help you out by giving a copy away. Also, you’ll get a Lifetime Subscription to Chase The Chuckwagon.


Note, it may be possible to vote more than once. Don’t. IPs and user accounts etc. are logged. Attempts to cheat can and will result in disqualification. Also, after several requests, you can’t view results before voting.

1. DutchNESGame – Kudos for the NWC on the floor. Nice touch.


2. matthijis – This robot has been sent from the future to organize your collection. Seriously though, I feel bad for those Game Boy boxes.


3. Alex – There’s a disturbing amount of sealed stuff here.

Alex Kraus

4. Otto – Quite a jumble of Nintendo test center gear.

Otto Hanson

5. Jayisrios – Nice stacking, but does it need more organization? You decide.

6. rargoldusa – Low quality pic, looks Sega orientated?


7. stewart – You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to do this with the SNES equilavent.


8. marriott – The plants add a touch of class. I wish the systems were all hooked up, that would be killer.


9. moogmayhem – All that’s missing is a popped collar.


10. Brian Huffman – Why so many stickers?


11. Will Pridmore Aka Franklit – I’m drawing a blank here. Judge for yourself.


12. Daniel Gentes Aka 8bitcaged – Interesting storage solution.


13. Linda – Lots of cool crap here, including tons I’m pretty sure we posted here like the Tops Art.


14. Borman – Props for being the only entry with Arcade related mess.


15. greg howlett – More attic mess, the ultimate storage solution.


16. Brian Siegler – Is this all sealed? Dear god.


17. SpooNMan – Rubbermaid, the ultimate organization shortcut.


Thanks for all the entires guy, there are some AMAZING pics here. Now go out and hustle some votes up for your entry.

Good luck!


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