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No mere words can express the excitement I felt this morning. Friday is a good day on it’s own. Not only is it the last day before the weekend, but it’s a day off for me. Being self employed, I opt to make Friday “Daddy Day”. Basically, a day where my son and I just lounge around and relax.

We were in the midst of building quite a tower out of blocks this morning while we watched yesterday’s Attack Of The Show on G4 / Tech TVs. Then, to our surprise (mostly mine) they mentioned gameSniped in The Feed!

Here’s the clip:

It’s near the end at around the two minute mark. It’s about the Rock Star Auction, but they clearly mention us as the source.

However, they don’t flash our url. Instead they flash Since it was listed there, I guess that’s where the first saw it. Means we might not get any extra traffic from this, but it is still insanely cool none the less.

So, if there are any staffers who now regularly check this blog for news items, how about a full plug next time?

I’m bouncing off the walls as is, I can’t imagine what I’d do if we actually got traffic from this.


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