GDEV, Double Dragon card artwork, Technos business licence

Atari 2600 STARWARS REVENGE OF THE JEDI unreleased box

Star Wars Return of the Jedi was at first named Revenge of the Jedi before it was renamed. A game with this title was never released and these promotional boxes are very hard to find.

Nintendo Double Dragon original art Topps card

This is the original artwork the artists submitted to Topps for the Nintendo card #7. The card consists of the original painted background and an overlay to add detail. Comes with a COA from Topps themselves.”

Nintendo NPDP GDEV

American Technos one of kind business licence

It is the business licence of American Technos. This item was obtained from a storage locker that American Technos failed to pay the monthy rent for. They brought us just a few games but they were classics for example River City Ransom and Crash N the Boys. There are 2 certificates in this frame. The first is for AVIT and the other for American Technos INC

Other stuff:

PlayStation Top 10 display

Virtual Boy store kiosk

Playstation 3 Promo Flying disc and cup holder

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