Gears Of War 2 Shipping Container

By shipping container, I don’t mean a shipping box of the discs. I mean an actually massive shipping container like you would see on a truck, train or boat.

It seems like this came from some sort of promotion / contest and it’s not something they built themselves. Not like it matters either way though.

The “game chamber” is air conditions and includes:

8 x Samsung 42″ HD LCD TVs
8 x Xbox 360s
1 x Air conditioner
1 x Fire extinguisher
1 x Netgear server
7 x Timber crafted GOW2 Lancer guns
10 x Plastic longshot replicas
Large assortment of army ammo boxes
Black & Grey Camo sheet which can be attached to the internal roof

It’s located in Australia and I would imagine shipping to be a bitch.

Auction Here ($15,500 AU BIN – Thanks Rob!)


Complete set of Super Mario Burger King Cards – This were a promo for the launch of the Wii. Also includes two cups from the promotion.
Unopened Metroid Prime Green Apple Jones Soda – From the Metroid Prime give-away in 2005. Decent BIN at $10.00. (Thanks James!)
inFamous 2 PS3 Media/Press Kit – This is a sweet, sweet press kit. Check the auction for complete contents. (Thanks Emily!)
Autographed XBOX Max Payne 2 – Signed by Sam Lake. (Thanks Snake!)
Nintendo DS Stylus Collection – This seller has several auctions for promo DS Styluses. Or would that be Styli?


Commodore 64 The Last Ninja 1 2 & 3 Atari ST
– Sold for US $1,089.99. Can someone let me know why these fetched so much? I know nothing about the rarity of these but do know the first game was one of the most successful releases on the Commodore 64, winning many awards and positive reviews. In Europe the sales for the C64 version alone were over 750,000 copies and international sales exceeded 2,000,000 copies. (Thanks Rob!)
Mid 90’s Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Poster – Sold for $65.00
Mid 90’s Lunar: The Silver Star Poster – Sold for $66.00
Destination Playstation 2001 Promo Beach Towel / Bag – Promotional beach bag / towel given out to guests at the 2001 Destination Playstation, an industry event held by Sony. The 2001 event was held in Miami Beach.
German N64 Zelda: Ocarina of Time Special Edition – More info here. Sold for $1,087.02. (Thanks Mark!)
Rare Sonic The Hedgehog Plush Princess Sally – For those unfamiliar, she was a supporting character/love interest to Sonic in the Archie Sonic Comics and the 90s Saturday morning cartoon series from 1993-1994. This collectible originated from the short lived SegaWorld amusement park located in Sydney, Australia. Established in 1995, and closed down in 1998. Sold for $256.23. (Thanks Mike!)

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