Mr. TNT Atari 400 800 XL XE

Mr. TNT is a Atari 400 800 XL XE cartridge that is a port of the Telko, Inc. coin-op. Released in 1983 by HesWare, it`s a solid R9.

Auction Here
– Any idea what this is worth? I can find no price points. Currently is $162.49.


1989 10pc Zelda II Link Valentine Stickers
– Classy sayings like: You found my heart!

Eureka 10pc Zelda II Link Halloween Stickers – Scary stuff.

Dark Knight Xbox 360 Console – Ends in another two hours and is just over $500.00. If memory serves me correct there were 110 of these made, with 55 featuring Batman and another 55 featuring the Joker. There sell anywhere from $800.00 – $1800.00.

3500 Non working DS game lot – Less than $2.00 each. Probably pirates, but good for using as ninja stars.

Sonic the Hedgehog Neon Coming Soon Sign – This is a sweet sign which includes a dry erase marker and white board with a working neon light.

Nintendo NPDP GDEV
– Gamecube Development System.

Embroidered patches for Battletech from 1991 – Kurita, Marik, Liao, Smoke Jaguar Clan and Federated Commonwealth.

Sonic The Hedgehog 10th Anniversary signed by Yuji Naka – Released in 2001 as a pre-order bonus for Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast it includes a gold color CD feature select soundtracks from various Sonic games, a history booklet, and a collectible gold colored medal, all inside a collectible tri-fold container. The history booklet was signed by Yuji Naka on 06.28.2001.

Postal 2 signed by Uwe Boll – God help us.

Nike Playstation Air Force 1 Sneakers– These are # 112 out of 150 pairs.

Two new RetroZone releases, Fantasy Zone 2 and Mr Gimmick.

Space Channel 5 Part2 Special Package DreamCast
– This special package was only available through Dreamcast DIRECT and came bundled with a stylin’ pair of silver headphones as well as the game itself.

Sega Saturn Deep Fear – Resident Evil type game that was the last first party Saturn release for PAL regions.


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