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Gold Legend of Zelda Triforce Edition Signed By Shigeru Miyamoto

You are bidding on an extremely limited edition Nintendo Gameboy Advance system. This item is a fully functional “Gold Legend of Zelda Triforce edition”. It is one of thirty systems worldwide that was signed by the legendary gaming guru Shigeru Miyamoto – creator of renown industry icons such as Super Mario, The legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

This item was purchased on May 14th 2005, at the grand opening of the official Nintendo World store in New York city.
Along with the other 29 systems, it was hand signed, in permanent black felt marker, by Mr. Miyamoto, and sold to the first 30 people who were lucky enough to be among the first in line.

It has since been kept in a smoke-free home, and is in it’s original packaging, which has been opened twice in order to test the functionality of the piece, and to take pictures for this auction. It has never been played, and the system along with it’s box, cables, manuals and inserts are all in their original sleeves, and in PRISTINE condition. I’m an avid videogame collector, and am very very careful when storing and handling every item in my collection.

To validate the authenticity of this collector’s item, it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the official Nintendo World store.The certificate specifies that this particular item is authentic, has a brief history and picture of Mr. Miyamoto along with Nintendo World’s contact information and item-specific serial number.

Apparently he got two initally, and the last one he sold went for $2,157.86.

Auction Here

Signed items your thing? Here’s a selection of what eBay has to offer. Quite a selection ranging from awesome to horrible, as well as from cheap to ridiculously overpriced.

Nintendo Game Watch Donkey Kong Signed by Shigeru Miyamoto – A signed G&W is not something you normally see.

Signed Pimin 2 Counter Display – Signed by Nintendo luminaries Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka, Masamichi Abe and Shigefumi Hino. Overpriced though.

Halo Reach Lithograph Poster – This is a very rare poster given out to lucky attendees of the con the Halo Reach Meet up at Pax. Signed by the whole Bungie team.

Sealed XBOX 360 Controller – Signed by a boatload of gaming celebs and developers. 100% of proceeds to to Childs Play. this deserves its own post later this week.

Halo: Reach LE – The game was purchased at a midnight release in Redmond, Washington and signed by over 35 members of the Halo: Reach development team, including lead designer Christian Allen.
Halo 3 – Signed by dev team.
Halo 2 Collector’s Edition Autographed by Bungie
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Signed by random Bliz staff.
StarCraft 2 II SIGNED by Blizzard Developers Staff
Modern Warfare 2 Signed By Devs
Blizzard WOW BC Poster – 56 Assorted Signatures.
PS3 Console Autographed by Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hansen
Xbox 360 autographed by Michael Irvin
Autographed XBOX – Signed by many members of the 2006 AVP Volleyball team.
Shapeshifter Turbo Duo PC Engine – This is autographed by the senior programmer of the game, Roman Scharnberg. Quite possibly the only Turbo Duop game I have ever seen signed.
Pink PSP Signed By Kojima + Shinkawa – This psp was signed by both Kojima and Shinkawa when they visited Hong Kong for the peacewalker world tour. Shinkawa also drew a sketch on it.
Duke Nukem Forever PAX Promo Print Hand Signed by Duke Nukem voice actor John St. John – Sweet.
Splatterhouse Signed Autographed POSTER 2010 Comic-Con – It’s signed by the game’s concept artist Dave Wilkins.
Joe Kucan (Kane) C&C4 Signed Photo -Only a Penny!
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Signed by Hideo Kojima
Some Sort of DDR Red Bag Signed by Japanese DJs NAOKI, U1 and jun.
NASCAR Challenge NES Autographed/Signed by Bill Elliott – Mentioned here before, but still loved by me.
Nintendo NFL QB Club Brett Favre Autographed Award Rare – Mentioned here before. Super duper rare, but simultaneously overpriced and boring.
Nintendo World Championships 1990 NES Poster Signed By Thor
NES Skate Or Die Signed By Someone Random
Nintendo Power May June 1989 Singed By Scoot Campbell – Apparently he entered some sort of contest in this issue and won before he was famous.
Sarah Palin Signed Autograph XBOX 360 – I think this thing has been relisted for years now.
Gamecube Big Air Freestyle Autographed by Development Team
Indy Racing 2000 (Autographed by Development Team)
PS1 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Signed by Victor Ireland – Head of Working Designs.
XBOX Mission: Impossible Operation Surma – Signed By Dev Team.
Terminator 3 Redemption Autographed by Development Team
Dead Space 2 poster signed by creator Ben Templesmith
Silent Hill 2 Windows PC signed by Akira Yamaoka
Lord Of The Rings Online PC– Signed By Dev Team.
God of War III Ultimate Edition PS3 SIGNED BY JOE GATT – The dude who does all the motion capture for Kratos.
Star Wars Empire at War – Signed by devs and insanely overpriced.
MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 Signed T-Shirt – Signed by SF Producer Ryota Niitsuma.
PS1 Power Move Pro Wrestling – Signed by TNA wrestling star Jerry Lynn.
PS1 Power Move Pro Wrestling – Signed by Paul Bearer
PS1 Wrestlemaina – Signed by referee Dave Hebner.

And the cream of the crop:

Survivor Interactive PC Game New – SIGNED BY JERRI FROM SEASON 1! OMG!


Playstation 2 Celebrity Deathmatch – Signed by Ron Jeremy. Dear God.


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