Resident Evil: After Life Claire Redfield Costume

The Resident Evil movies aren’t too bad. In fact, they’re probably one of the best game-to-movie adaptations. For the forth movie, Claire Redfield makes a comeback (no spoilers here, its all over the internet) and again played by Ali Larter (from Heroes, but i’m sure some of you remember her from Varsity Blues).

I’m sorry did you get distracted there for a second? I swear, you must have hit play twice. Anyways..

This seller is selling a Claire Redfield costume worn by Ali Larter herself for the movie Resident Evil: After Life.

From the description

From the set of the action thriller, this is Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) screen worn for stunt, extremely distressed from use on set, tattered faded blue, two pockets, button up with collar, ‘Old Navy’ long sleeve shirt, (size S/P) extremely dirty off white with brown stitching ‘Gap Body’ tank top with holes, (size M) and very dirty with holes, green with two front pockets, two back pockets, cargo pockets on the side, zipper front with button, ‘Gap Jeans’ shants. (size 26/2)

The same seller also has another Claire Redfield costume (pants) worn by Ali for sale..

It’s too bad these things aren’t cheap. But if you go to Old Navy and Gap you might find yourself a cheap pair. The distress on the clothes is up to you.


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